February 24, 2014

Essie Hide & Go Chic Collection Spring 2014

Hi Beauts !

So when I heard that Essie came out with their spring line I knew I had to get them ! Now normally I will pick through the colors and pick the ones I like or ones I don't have similar colors to. But this time, I had to buy they all ! The colors are pretty and very spring like. I honestly cannot tell you which is my favorite one, I like them all and can't wait to use them !

Aren't they pretty ?! I really like this collection and can't wait to use them this season ! Hope you Beauts like this post ! Thank you for reading !

February 23, 2014

My Week In A Post #1

Hey Beauts !

I want to try out this new "series" on my blog called My Week in a Post. I think it's a fun way to record memories but also a great way for you Beauts to get to know me better. The majority of my post are beauty and make up related and are some what personal, but at the same time they aren't. So i thought this would be a great way !

So this week we had beautiful weather and I just had to take a picture because sometimes I take that beautiful weather for granted. Sometimes I forget how fortunate I am to live in a place that its summer year round. I have been wanting some flowers for my room so I bought these medium sized roses in a blush color. They're beautiful. I bought Essie's Spring line and I'm so excited ! I really like the colors and thought it was appropriate with the beautiful weather we've been having .

Hope you Beauts had a beautiful week !

February 20, 2014

Beginner Makeup Kit (Drugstore and High End) !

Hi Beauts !

I remember when I first started to mess with makeup, I was 12. I had started off with lip gloss and eyeliner and then made my way over to my very first palette. It brought 6 neutral eye shadows and I had purchased it at a dollar store. Now it wasn't the worst but it did serve it's purpose. When I ventured more into make up, i found myself confused and really unsure, I would borrow some of my Mom's lipsticks and would look ridiculous because they did not go with my age and skin tone. Now our mothers can give us great advice, but the best way to find out what you like is to experiment. Luckily throughout the years I have learned my fair share and so grateful that I have, or I would just look weird !

I chose these two products because I feel for beginners they are really simple. Covergirl's Outlast Stay Fabulous 3 in 1 has the foundation, primer and concealer. Now when you first start off you really don't want to apply layers of makeup and even once you are a professional, simple is always beautiful. This foundation helps you save time but will make your skin look like you spent an hour on your make up. Because it has the built in concealer and primer, it's easier for beginners to work with until they feel comfortable venturing into the art of concealing. As for BB creams, I think they are perfect for beginners. BB creams work like tinted moisturizers, they have light to medium coverage but what makes them so simple is blend to your skin tone and hide imperfections better than a foundation without concealer. You don't even need a brush to apply it, you can use your hands where as sometimes foundations can get a little streaky

Tip ! When applying foundation, start from the middle of your face and blend your way out and on to your neck. Blending helps avoid cake faces and blending foundation on to your neck helps prevent that harsh foundation line on your jaw bone.

A good concealer is a makeup must. It can help you cover up blemishes, even out skin tone, brighten and cover under eye circles. For concealers I like to think, there are 2 different types : light to medium coverage and full. Your light to medium coverage is good for covering up slight discoloration or slight imperfections and full coverage works for blemishes and more visible imperfections. The only con they have is that light to medium coverage doesn't cover enough or may wear off, and full coverage can crease and feel heavy throughout the day. For light to medium concealer I really like CoverGirl's Fresh Complexion concealer, it has pretty good coverage and durability and doesn't feel too heavy. For full coverage, MAC's Studio Finish is amazing. It covers everything and anything but it can feel heavy and it makes my skin a little greasy, but nothing powder can't fix. Other than all of that it's perfect. Maybelline's Instant Age Rewind is a great drugstore under eye concealer, it covers your under eye circles beautifully but can also be uses for blemishes and redness and covers pretty well.

Tip ! When you are applying concealer, blend it out as much as possible. Your ring finger has the most delicate touch so if you have a concealer brush, use your finger to pat it in. Also, you can use the same brightening concealer that you use under your eyes to highlight you face (cupid's bow, bridge of the nose, cheek bones and forehead).

Mascara, Mascara, Mascara. I had a love/hate relationship when I first started to wear mascara. I hadn't quite mastered the technique so I would end up with clumpy eye lashes or mascara on my eyelid. When it comes to mascara you have two type lengthening or volumizing. It's pretty self explanatory but lengthening mascara adds length to your lashes and volumizing makes you lashes thicker and voluminous. All you really need to know is what type of mascara you need and you are good to go. If you have short, barely visible eye lashes then lengthening mascara would be good for you. If you have long, thin lashes then volumizing would be ideal for you. The mascaras I absolutely recommend are Benefit's They're Real!, CoverGirl's Clump Crusher and Maybelline's Rocket Volum'. Drugstore wise, Maybelline makes the best mascaras, and Higher End, I really like Benefit and Lancome.

Tip ! When applying mascara you will want to start from the base of your eye lashes and wiggle your way up. This will help create volume but also keep your lashes separated.

Another one on the list of tricky applications, Eyeliner. Eyeliner is essential to add shape to your eyes and if used right, it can make your lashes appear thicker or that you a lot have more . There are quite a few different types of eyeliner, you have pencil or kohl, gel, liquid and pen. For absolute beginners, I would recommend pencil eyeliner. It's probably the best introduction eye liner, great for easing you into others and great practice until you feel comfortable trying out others.

  • Kohl/Pencil - Great for beginners, can be used in and outside of eye, great for smudging, and if done right it can look pretty natural and make eyes and eye lashes look beautiful.
  • Liquid - Great for a precise line whether thin or thick and great for cat eye. Liquid eye liners also come in a shape of a pen, it has the same formula as liquid but the tip is sturdier which makes it easier for those who are learning the ways of liquid liner.
  • Gel - The best of both worlds. It can be smudged and look natural just like Kohl but also provides the precise line like liquid. Gel is my favorite from of eye liner, it may seem like it can be difficult but it actually isn't. In order to apply gel eye liner you have to use a brush, and  it actually gives you a great amount of control. 
Tip ! For the most natural looking eyeliner try to stay as close to the lash line and make a thin line.

Filling in your eyebrows can automatically frame your face and make a difference. Now if your eye brows are full or you just prefer them as they are, then just skip this and stick to some eyebrow gel. Eyebrow gel keeps your eyebrows nice and neat. When selecting a shade you want to go as natural as possible, unless you like the look of bold, dark eyebrows which is great too. If you have light eyebrows, then you want to go a shade darker. If you have dark eyebrows, then you want a shade or two lighter than your natural eyebrows. I have dark eyebrows, so I bought it in medium and it matches perfectly. The best eyebrow kit I have found is the one made by E.l.f, it looks natural and blends amazingly In my personal opinion, I think the best form is the palette that brings the wax and powder. The wax keeps your eyebrow in place and sort of lies a foundation for the powder.

Tip! Start from the bottom of your eyebrows and make you way up, most eye brows tend to be darker on the bottom. Use what's left on the brush for the tail, you want that part to be light as possible.

Some may tell you that you have to get your eye shadow from high end stores and some may say drugstore. With eye shadow I think it's a yes and no, because you do find amazing eye shadows at high end stores. However, some of the best trios come from the drugstores. I feel like Urban Decay makes some of the best eye shadows, my Naked palette and Naked Basics are everyday must. I honestly don't know how I ever applied make up without these, they are the greatest purchases ever. As for drugstore, Wet'n'Wild makes some of the best trios ever. The eye shadows are so pigmented and creamy, you wouldn't even suspected you bought it for $3. So you really don't have to spend a lot of money for good quality make up. Just search around, experiment and see what you like. Some my favorites and recommendations are Urban Decay Naked palette and Naked Basics palette, Wet'nWild Walking on Eggshells and CoverGirl's Shimmering Sands trio.

Tip ! Highlighting the inner corners of your eyes make them look big and awake. Blending is your best friend !

If you are ever in a hurry, you will be beyond grateful that you have cream eye shadow. It is probably my go to product when I am getting ready in a hurry or on days I don't want too much make up on. I think they are great for beginners because it is so easy to apply and so simple. The best ones and my favorites are MAC Paint Pots and Maybelline Color Tattoos. They have get lasting power and have some of the prettiest colors and great variety. Cream Shadows are also great bases for powdered eye shadows, whether it is a similar color or a completely different color. I really like putting on Maybelline's Bad to the Bronze with a pinky shimmery eye shadow, like Urban Decay's Sin or Wet' n 'Wilds Pink from Walking on Eggshells, on top and it looks so pretty and automatically transforms the color.

Tip ! When in a hurry, skip the eye shadow and go for cream eye shadows, they are quick and portable !

Eye Primer is an absolute must if you are going to apply eye shadow and want it to last all day. It keeps you eye shadow in place all and helps bring out the true pigmentation of your eye shadow. If you apply eye shadow without the primer, it won't last as long and the pigmentation will be very light. I have oily eyelids so if I want my eye shadow to I have to put it on. I have applied make up in the morning, before I either go out or to work and will last all day or until I decide to take it off. The best high end eye primer is Urban Decay Primer Potion and this one is my absolute favorite and I swear by it. As for drugstore, I have tried the e.l.f primer and it was alright, but did not work for me, but I have read that it is one of the best drugstore eye primer. The good thing about eye primer is that you only need the smallest amount and you are good to go.

Tip ! All you need is a teeny tiny dot !

This one thing I thought I didn't need, but really did.When I first started applying foundation, I would apply it straight on my skin without any primer. Maybe after 20 minutes of having it on and it settling in, I did not like what I saw in the mirror.You could see every single pore, every single pimple or bump I had on my face, it was not smooth at all. So the first primer I tried out was Rimmel London Fix & Perfect Primer, and it was and is a pretty good primer. It did what it said and I really liked it. Then, I tried Benefit's POREfessional and that's it I was done, I had found my primer. It shrinks my pores to nothing and leaves my face looking really smooth. I'm not telling you that you have to get any of these, but I will say that you should definitely purchase a face primer. It really makes all the difference in your foundation application and will help you foundation last longer. Now if you don't wear foundation and plan on never doing so, if you have large pores visible from space like mine, I would still recommend it . Even without the foundation, primers really do help to enhance your bare skin and make it look really flawless.

February 16, 2014

Sunday Social #4 !

Hey Beauts !

Sunday Social

1. What are your favorite things to do on a lazy day ? Netflix, workout, facial masks and waste time on the internet.

2. What is your TV guilty pleasure ? Pretty Little Liars ! I feel like I may be the last person still watching it, but oh my, it's so good !

3. What is your favorite road trip music ? I have two songs that whenever I hear them I think about the time I went on a road trip with my best friend's mom going to visit my best friend at school. Pumped up Kicks by Foster The People and Meet Me Half Way by The Black Eyed Peas.

4. What are your favorite magazines or books to read by the pool or laying around ? Cosmopolitan and whatever book I'm currently reading off of my Nook.

5. What is your favorite snack ? Strawberries, Almonds, and Raspberries.

I hope you Beauts have a wonderful and relaxing Sunday ! I have been working on a somewhat big blog post, I should be posting it either Monday or Tuesday !

February 09, 2014

Sunday Social # 3 !

Sunday Social

Hi Beauts !

It's Sunday ! I was just watching the Olympics when I decided I wanted to do one of  these ! Whenever the Olympics are happening whether Summer or Winter, I sit glued in front of the TV watching the games. I absolutely love it. So off we go !

1. What is your favorite thing to watch on a girls night ?
I definitely watch Something Borrowed (love that movie), Sex and the City 1&2, Titanic and The Devil Wears Prada.

2. What is your favorite thing to watch on your day off ?
Well right now it's the Winter Olympics, but besides that I really like House Hunters International, YouTube videos or whatever is on TV really.

3. What is your favorite thing to watch when you're sick ?
Harry Potter Marathon, Christmas movies and I Love Lucy.

4.What is the last movie you saw in the theater ?
Frozen !

5. What are you top favorite movies or TV shows ?
TV: Big Bang Theory, Friends, I Love Lucy.
Movies: Harry Potter, Titanic and Grease.
And a million more....

Hope you Beauts have a wonderful Sunday !!

How I Clean My Makeup Brushes

Hi Beauts !

So, cleaning your makeup brushes is pretty important and pretty easy, there are just somethings you want to remember when doing so. You want to clean your brushes depending how often you use them; if you use them every single day then every week or week and a half, if you use it 3 to 4 times a week, every 2 weeks is pretty good. It's alright to slack when cleaning your brushes, it's only normal but be careful because it can cause breakouts.

Cleaning your brushes is easy, all you need are of course, your makeup brushes and baby shampoo.

When wetting your brushes, you don't want to throw the whole thing under water, doing so can cause bristles to fall out and for the barrel to loosen, two things you don't want.



So what you want to do is lightly wet the bristles, make sure the water is not flowing out to heavily. However, make sure the bristles are entirely wet.

Pour a little drop of baby shampoo on your brush. Now this next part I was unable to show it to you, because it required both of my hands and I don't have a third to take a picture (though that would be awesome). What you want to do is swirl your brush on to the palm of the other hand, like if you were blending foundation on to your skin. Every now and then rinse it out with a little bit water, if you need to add a little bit of soap it's fine.

When you notice that the water is running clear, that means your brush is clean. When you are rinsing it out, run it over the water a little bit, and then flip it down (like in the picture) and let the water drip down. With your fingers lightly press out the water from the brush, you don't want to do that too aggressively because it can cause bristles to fall out.

Lay your brushes on a towel and let them dry. They should be dry within 2 to 3 hours. Leave them in a place where there is a breeze, whether it's your air conditioner or from an open window, can hit them. That will help your brushes dry thoroughly and quicker !

I forgot to mention that you definitely want your eye shadow and blending brush clean to show the true pigmentation. This happened to me once, I was applying a matte brown color on my crease and I noticed it had a bit of shimmer. I had use my crease brush to apply a eye shadow that had shimmer a couple of days before and forgot to clean it, so it transferred on to my eyelid. Remember, cleaning makeup brushes is simple and easy, and very important.

Hope you Beauts found this helpful !

February 05, 2014

DIY Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub !

Hi Beauts !

So I know that a good store bought sugar scrubs can be on the pricey side. When I was looking for a good scrub, I decide that the only way I can find a really good and natural scrub was to make it at home. This scrub is all natural, practically chemical free if you want to consider the Vitamin E one, and really easy to make, and is also way more inexpensive in the long run.

What you'll need:
1 1/4 cup sugar
1/2 tsp Vitamin E
1/2 cup of  Virgin Coconut Oil
a container of your choice

Container with coconut oil, Vitamin E oil and sugar.

The first thing you want to do is melt the coconut oil. You will want to keep an eye on it because coconut oils melting point is pretty low , around 76 degrees so you'll want to be careful. You could even let it sit over night in a room that is not too cold and it should melt.

After you melt the coconut oil, pour it in to your container and throw in the Vitamin E and sugar. Mix away ! Now once you have mixed it all together, if you aren't crazy with the consistency you can always add more sugar or more oil. My scrub came out on the thicker side, which I prefer that way it won't run out of my hand and go to waste.

Tada !

Now once the oil cools it's will go back to it's normal state, it will harden. When you use it, get the desired amount and work it into your skin. After you rinse it off you will notice you skin is kind of oily, like right after you put on lotion. That's good, now if it bothers you than use your scrub before you apply soap, but it's best to use it after and letting your skin absorb the Coconut and Vitamin E oil.

Hope you Beauts found this helpful ! Let me know if you try this out !


February 02, 2014

Sunday Social # 2 !

                                             Sunday Social

Hi Beauts !

So it's Social Sunday ! This is my second one and I definitely enjoy these, and good for a relaxing Sunday Post . This Sunday is all about the number 4, so off I go !

1. 4 favorite bands you loved in high school : Coldplay, Thursday, The Fray, and Bayside.

2. 4 go to meals you'd love to learn to cook or can cook really well : Beef Stroganoff, Mac n Cheese, Chicken Salad, Stir Fry !

3. 4 necessities to your daily life : My car, I always need my phone, laptop is a must and COFFEE !

4. 4 makeup necessities you must have if you could only have 4 on : Gel Eyeliner, Mascara, Eyebrow Kit and Lip balm.

5. 4 favorite apps on your phone or iPad :My phone, The Simpsons Tapped Out (love this game), Instagram, Pinterest, and Pandora

Hope you Beauts have a beautiful Sunday !