February 09, 2014

How I Clean My Makeup Brushes

Hi Beauts !

So, cleaning your makeup brushes is pretty important and pretty easy, there are just somethings you want to remember when doing so. You want to clean your brushes depending how often you use them; if you use them every single day then every week or week and a half, if you use it 3 to 4 times a week, every 2 weeks is pretty good. It's alright to slack when cleaning your brushes, it's only normal but be careful because it can cause breakouts.

Cleaning your brushes is easy, all you need are of course, your makeup brushes and baby shampoo.

When wetting your brushes, you don't want to throw the whole thing under water, doing so can cause bristles to fall out and for the barrel to loosen, two things you don't want.



So what you want to do is lightly wet the bristles, make sure the water is not flowing out to heavily. However, make sure the bristles are entirely wet.

Pour a little drop of baby shampoo on your brush. Now this next part I was unable to show it to you, because it required both of my hands and I don't have a third to take a picture (though that would be awesome). What you want to do is swirl your brush on to the palm of the other hand, like if you were blending foundation on to your skin. Every now and then rinse it out with a little bit water, if you need to add a little bit of soap it's fine.

When you notice that the water is running clear, that means your brush is clean. When you are rinsing it out, run it over the water a little bit, and then flip it down (like in the picture) and let the water drip down. With your fingers lightly press out the water from the brush, you don't want to do that too aggressively because it can cause bristles to fall out.

Lay your brushes on a towel and let them dry. They should be dry within 2 to 3 hours. Leave them in a place where there is a breeze, whether it's your air conditioner or from an open window, can hit them. That will help your brushes dry thoroughly and quicker !

I forgot to mention that you definitely want your eye shadow and blending brush clean to show the true pigmentation. This happened to me once, I was applying a matte brown color on my crease and I noticed it had a bit of shimmer. I had use my crease brush to apply a eye shadow that had shimmer a couple of days before and forgot to clean it, so it transferred on to my eyelid. Remember, cleaning makeup brushes is simple and easy, and very important.

Hope you Beauts found this helpful !

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