February 23, 2014

My Week In A Post #1

Hey Beauts !

I want to try out this new "series" on my blog called My Week in a Post. I think it's a fun way to record memories but also a great way for you Beauts to get to know me better. The majority of my post are beauty and make up related and are some what personal, but at the same time they aren't. So i thought this would be a great way !

So this week we had beautiful weather and I just had to take a picture because sometimes I take that beautiful weather for granted. Sometimes I forget how fortunate I am to live in a place that its summer year round. I have been wanting some flowers for my room so I bought these medium sized roses in a blush color. They're beautiful. I bought Essie's Spring line and I'm so excited ! I really like the colors and thought it was appropriate with the beautiful weather we've been having .

Hope you Beauts had a beautiful week !

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