November 29, 2013

Black Friday 2013 Haul !!

Hi Beauts !
So this year, you could technically say was my first official Black Friday. Last year I went to Target around 1in the morning with my friend, and I barely bought anything. So this year, I kinda went a little crazy, but not too bad. I went to Bath and Body Works, Target, Forever 21, and MAC. The place I bought the most was Bath and Body Works, I got 6 body sprays, 2 candles and the VIP bag.

Now, what I liked the most about this Buy 3, Get 3 Free Special was unlimited. Forever Red and Forever Midnight were included in the special only on Black Friday, they normally never are. So I had to get them, they smell so so good. The other four I got, also smell really nice. I really like buying this because you get alot of variety, I go through periods of time where I obsess with one and then move on. But I like these because rather than sticking to just one perfume, I can switch it up and not get tired of the smell.

Ok, so lately I have been loving candles that smell manly...let's take a moment for that to sink in. I like a lot of sweet and fresh smells, but lately those candles that smell like Mens cologne are just heavenly. Flannel and Black Tie are basically in the same family as Mohagany Teakwood. I don't have enough words to describe just how amazing these are.

BBW had a VIP bag, so when you bought about $40 worth of stuff, you can get bag for $20. I believe the total price of this bag is supposed to be $140, but for 20 I think its way worth it . It comes with 4 full sized products, a mini candle and a Forever Red sample. Oh and a loofah ! Everything in this bag is really awesome and the bag is really cute. It would be pretty ideal to give it to someone as a gift, it's not a matching set but it's pretty much everything you need.

I went to Sephora to see what specials they had and to look for the Lorac Pro Palette. They didn't have any specials I liked and that store doesn't carry the Pro Palette, so I just walked out and made my way to MAC. I went with the intentions of buying a lipstick and I'm very happy with my find. It's called Snob and its a beautiful shade of pink. It's a mauvey kind of pink but at the same time has that pale nude, natural lip color look. I love this color and the formulation, it's not too dry.

Forever 21 was the first store I went to, at my mall they were expanding the store so they moved it to another area in the mall. It's now literally the first store you see when enter. They were having a special on scarves, certain ones were $5. I really wanted a simpe scarf that would match with everything but wasn't too thick. I found this one and I really liked it. I thought the gold was a nice touch but wasn't too over powering. Its made of really thin material, so it could be worn in warmer weather.

I went to Target hoping they would have specials on clothing and sure enough they did ! They had 40% off on a good chunk of stuff but not everything. I love their cardigans, they're cute and comfy and they were 40 % off, so I went with a light gray and brown one. I have been dying to buy the oatmeal color but they didn't have it in my size. The long sleeved shirts were $6, so i grabbed this oatmeal and heather gray stripped shirt. Its so yummy and comfy, the material is so soft.
I hope you beauts had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I wanted to take time to thank the people that read my blog. I know my blog isn't big and totally out there, but the few people that do, Thank you for making my dream into reality. Whether its one person or one hundred, we should appreciate the small things as well.


  1. Oh my goodness! How do you afford all these things?? :O hehe lucky girl!

  2. Haha I had a bunch of coupons from bath and body works ! And they had awesome deals :)

  3. NICE one! Nothing better than getting a massive discount!! :D

  4. Thanks for the follow! :) <3 Showing some love! :D xxx