December 09, 2013

Christmas Nail Polishes !

Hi Beauts !
I was looking through my nail polish collection, trying to decide what polish I wanted to help get me in the spirit ! I found five that I thought would look cute alone or mixed together. And maybe you beauts may like!

(Left to Right) China Glaze Salsa, Revlon Posh, Essie Shearling Darling, Essie Hors D'oeuvres, Essie Toggle to the Top.

Now I think these are some pretty Christmas-y colors, though I do wish the green polish was more like a pine green but it works. One thing I like about nail polish for Christmastime is the variety of reds you can use. You really can't go wrong when painting your nails for Christmas.

You can't go wrong with a classic red for the hoildays. I think that if anyone had to pick only one nail polish to have during Christmas, red would be the best choice. This red polish is really pretty and I like China Glaze's formula.

I am obsessed with this color ! It's gorgeous. Its one of my favorite shades of red, it's perfect for Fall and perfect for a Christmas. It's like an oxblood/dark burgandy red color, maybe a tad lighter than oxblood. It's simple and goes with every skin tone.

When I first saw this polish, I automatically said Christmas. This bottle is the epitome of of the Holidays all squished into one little tiny bottle. Its the perfect red color with red glitter. All you need is two coats and you are good to go !

Ok, so I had to put something green, this post can't consist of only all red polishes. I'm planning on using this polish to do a little tree design on my nail. If it were the slightest darker, it would be perfect but I think it works. Does it have that Christmas tree feel ?

What's Christmas without glitter and sparkle ?! I thought this polish would look amazing with any of these nail polishes either as an accent nail or a coat or two on top . I really like this one, because it has a gold base with small and chunkier silver glitter. It reminds me of Christmas lights and ornaments.

Thumb- Shearling Darling
Pointer- Posh
Middle- Toggle to the Top
Ring- Salsa
Pinky- Hors D'oeuvres
I hope you Beauts found this helpful and inspired you to paint your nails all Christmas-y and festive ! Thanks for reading !


  1. we love painting our nails to get into the festive spirit. we love all the colours you've chosen, but our favourites are definitely the Essie ones. You can go pass sparkles or christmas!

  2. Hi Danielle! I just found you through my topic on beautylish!
    I just recently got Essie's toggle to the top and I absolutely love it! I think I may have to check out that festive green by Revlon now, you tempted me!
    You have a lovely blog and have a new reader!
    Hope to keep in touch, hope you are enjoying the festivities!

    Marianna x o x o

  3. Hi Marianna !
    Thank you so much :), you have an amazing blog as well !
    I love Essie's Toggle to the Top, it just so pretty . Haha I actually bought that Revlon polish for Saint Patrick's day, i thought it was the perfect shade of green. Happy Holidays !

  4. i love all of the colors that you picked here but that essie toggle to top is the prettiest at least for me <3 its also perfect for valentines days hope you could do a nail art tutorial with it on feb :)

  5. It's one of my favorites Too ! Ill definitely try to ! :)