July 20, 2014

Sunday Social !

Hey Beauts !

It's Sunday ! I'm sorry I could not do the last one, unfortunately I have been working like a crazy woman. I have crazy amount of respect for people who can balance out their work life, personal life and a blog. It's not an easy task. Well let's get to this weeks questions !

1. What is the most difficult thing you have been through ?
I would definitely say losing my grandmother. She played a very large role in my life and a constant inspiration in my life. I lost her 3 years ago and it's definitely still something I struggle with everyday.

2. What was your best birthday ?
I want to say my 21st birthday and not because of the obvious. I have never been a birthday party kind of person and on this birthday a spontaneous party just kind of happened. There was great people and all just had a really fun time. It was also my last birthday that my grandma was able to attend.

3. What has been your favorite thing you've done in your own city ?
For sure going to the beach . Living in Miami means you can pretty much go to the beach year round and never worry about the temperature.

One of the reasons I  love my city.
4. What is your idea of the perfect date night ?
So I have always wanted a late night date type of thing, where we go to either Denny's or IHOP to eat and then drive over to the beach to watch the sunrise. I am a giant cheese ball.

5. Have you ever been to a blogging conference ? If so which (ones) ? If not do you want to ?
I have never been to one and yes I would want to go, could be interesting !

I hope you Beauts have a beautiful Sunday and enjoy your week ! Until next time, take care and thank you for reading.

July 06, 2014

Sunday Social !

                              Social Sunday
Hey Beauts !

So I know I've been slacking a bit, and I did apologize for it on another post and then I did it again... I'm a bit of a scatter brain and that's no excuse but I think it's pretty obvious. I am determined to change it and I will !

I have done about 4 of these and I really enjoy them and find them great. I think the ladies who thought up this concept and the great questions are pretty genius and awesome, if you ask me. I'll stop blabbering away and get to it, so yeah !

1. Favorite genre of music ?
I can't decide ! I really do like different genres  of music and to pick just one, is pretty difficult for me because my taste varies so much and I just really love all music.

2. Favorite genre of movies ?
Same thing with movies, I really enjoy watching movies and love so many of them and to pick just one puts you in a pickle, but my absolute favorites (yeah I can't pick just one..typical) are horror and romantic comedies.

3. Do you watch reality TV ? If so what was the first show you remember watching ?
Yes I do, I'm not the biggest fan of it, but I am guilty of watching it from time to time. The Hills. When I was in high school, me and my best friend would call each other and would watch the show and talk on the phone at the same time, good times.

4. Actress you'd be BFF's with ?
Betty White or be part of the Golden Girls.

5. Actor you'd be happy to be stuck on an island with ?
Liam Neeson or Ralph Fiennes, two of my favorite actors.

Check the ladies that do Sunday Social every week, their blogs are pretty awesome and cool. I hope  you Beauts liked this post and hopefully you guys noticed just how scattered brain I really am. Thank you for reading it means a lot to me ! Hope you all have a beautiful week.