September 19, 2013

Un-blahing The Blah Days

Hi Beauts !

So we all have those day when we are extra hard on ourselves and our self esteem is lower than low. When i have days like that, there are certain things that i like to do to feel better. Sometimes the smallest things can have the biggest impact.

1. Mani/Pedi
Sometimes when im having a bad day, painting my nails makes me feel so much better, i feel more put together. You can make it a treat to yourself, if you want by going to a salon to get them done. You'll leave feeling good and polished !

2. Apply Makeup/ Do your Makeup Differently
Sometimes just a little bit of mascara and lip gloss and you look amazing. Sometimes the least the better. If you apply makeup on a regular base, why not trying something new ? You can apply a different color eyeshadow or maybe a colorful eyeliner on your waterline that will make your eyes pop !

3. Dress Yourself
Even if you don't have any plans to go out or do anything, pick a cute, yet comfy outfit. Sometime just staying in sweats can just keep you in that low feeling. Aim for something with pops of color, now don't dress like a rainbow, but cute and pretty. Color brings brightness into our world.

4. Mask it Up
When my skin is looking pretty dull, I feel pretty dull myself and yucky. I like to do a facial mask when this happens. You can do any mask that you like, which ever gives you the results you like. I personally like a purifying mask, raw organic honey mask and a cucumber peel off mask. They give me the results i like and make my skin feel amazing.

5. Enhance Your Favorite Feature
Whether it is your eyes, hair, arms, legs or bum, show it off ! Whatever part you are most confident and proud off, show it off as much as possible (not literally). If you like your arms, wear tank tops and dresses, basically clothing that enhance your favorite features. Never be afraid to try new things !

6. Retail Therapy
Shopping is the best medicine, well in my opinion anyways. Sometimes all we need is something new, something we find exciting, something to look forward to. Its good to indulge every now and then. So go buy yourself something you have been dying for, something that will brighten up your days. It can be a purse, shoes, makeup, maybe a gift for someone important in your life. I tend to get overly excited when i buy people gifts, it makes me feel good.

To be honest, my absolute favorite thing to do sometimes is to stay in those sweats and baggy tshirt and just lay down and watch seasons of my favorite shows. Its best sometimes to just relax and clear your brain which ever way you like. At the end of the day, you should always remember you ARE beautiful despite what others tell you or you believe.

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