October 04, 2013

Fall Favorites !

Hey Beauties !

So we are officially in Fall, yay ! I am so excited, fall and winter are my absolute favorite seasons. Even though where I live, there is no season change whatsoever. There's just something about this time of year that makes me so excited and happy.

I normally don't do anything too bold on my lips. I will either put on clear lip balm or tinted, but when I actually want color I will go with my three favorite berry colors that i like to sheer out.

Left to Right : Maybelline Color Whisper in Berry Ready, Revlon LipButter in Rasberry Pie and Maybelline Color Senesational in Blissful Berry

Nail Polish
During Fall, I normally lean in more for the not as bright and in your face colors, but it usually depends on what color I feel like doing.

Ladylike, Merino Cool and Shearling Darling

Fall Candle
So I absolutely love candles. I love the smell and the look of them. My favorites are Leaves and Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin.

Starbucks Drink
I LOVE me Pumpkin Spice Lattes, I understand that everyone and their mother does too. But it is pure perfection this time of year. In all honesty if I could have Pumpkin Spice Latte year around, i would. Everything about is just amazing.

Scarf or Accessories
So, where I live your lucky if you can wear a scarf twice within the season. Unfortunately it doesnt get cold enough, but hey a cute scarf is a cute scarf. Most of the scarves I own are Spring-ish, but I like them because they give that pop of color to an outfit. My go to accessory is my knit droopy beanie thing. Ive had mines for a couple of years now , I think I bought it from Forever 21 or Target. I love it, it goes with just about everything and gives me that cute Fall look and you barely notice its on your head.

Haunted House, Haunted Hayride or Haunted Corn maze ?
Haunted Hayride
Corn maze
Unfortunately I have never been to either one of those, I'm not exactly sure where there is a Corn maze where I live. I go to a local halloween amusement park or Halloween Horror Night, which is the best thing ever.

Halloween Movie
One word: Halloween.

Halloween Candy
Um... All ?!

Favorite thing about Fall
I just love everything about it. I love the smells and the colors. I really enjoy the weather change, even though it doesnt where I'm from, any chance I get, I take full advantage. It makes me feel warm and cozy without a sweater. Its just awesome, need i say more ?

Now I know this tag was popular last year, but I really enjoy fall so I wanted to do it. I tag each and every one of you to do it !


  1. I have NEVER heard of pumpkin spice lattes!! I can't even begin to imagine what it tastes like!! hehehe

    I'll follow you :) Follow me please xx