September 14, 2013

September Beauty Box 5 !

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Hi Beauties !

So this month I recieved my first ever beauty box. I honestly felt like a 5 year old kid waking up on Christmas morning. For those who might not know a beauty box is a monthly subscription were you receive a cute little box with roughly 4 to 5 samples inside. I like the concept of these boxes because we are introduced to new or unheard of products, that just might be your next favorite thing !

Now beauty is still skin deep, but sometimes certain products just reassure us all the more. For this month's Beauty Box 5 the theme was On the Go.

Bella Pierre Cosmetics Celebration Shimmer Powder - Retail $15

Body Drench Lip Drench in Eucalyptus Retail $ 4.99

Fine Featherheads Fly Ties Retail $ 7.95 4 pack

Skiin Shop Instant Skin Tightner & Line Filler Retail $ 39.95 .5 oz

Every Beauty Makeup Remover Pads with Argan Oil $ 6.99 50 count

Of all the samples in this box, I was most excited for the makeup removing wipes and the hair ties. The idea of these wipes is pretty genius, they don't require any rinsing unlike other making removers and are infused with Argan oil. Just wipe and go! Now, I absolutely love, love these hair ties, they don't pull or crease your hair and are a lot more comfortable than traditional hair ties and look way cutier.

As for the other items, I quite like the lip balm. It's hydrating and refreshing at the same time. It has a minty gum taste, not like your usual fruity lip balm but still enjoyable. The eyeshadow, i do like the color of it , I find it very pretty, but I don't normally wear shimmery eyeshadows. However it might be cute for a night look.

Thanks for reading !

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