September 10, 2013

Being You !

Hi Beauts,

So my purpose for this blog is to help all of us embrace the real us and our inner beauty. Speaking from personal expierence, i know it is hard to see the beauty in each and everyone of us and what we feel society expects from us.

You see, television and magazines nowadays, are not displaying REAL women, they are gorgeous models that are way pretty, and give us the idea that those women are what we should look like. How many people do you know fit in a size 0 and have perfectly clear skin and perfectly shaped everything ?! No one !

We are all made special, if we all were a bunch of models running around, then what would beauty be ? It is not an easy thing discovering your inner worth but we all deserve it. We all deserve to feel beautiful and special and worthy of all our hopes and dreams. We get lost on the way because we see what guys nowadays consider pretty or hot, or what type of girls get the guy while others dont. Maybe we try to change ourselves so.the guy we like will notice us, i know i have done that my fair share of times. It wasn't until now, that i realized how ridiculous that is. We should fix ourselves up for ourselves, no one else. If the guy we like doesn't like us for us, than screw him. We are so much better than the credit we give ourselves, it's amazing when we realize it.

I want to try to help people that are in my position and myself realize our worth and beauty. We are all extraordinarily amazing, don't let someone take that away from you.

Be you, Beyoutiful.



  1. Great post! We should never try to change ourselves unless it is for ourselves, we are the way we are suppsoed to be and our personalities are the most attractive thing about ourselves :)

    Good luck with your new blog, im following you, hope to see more posts from you soon :) x

    My blog: Molly's Beauty Spot

  2. I couldn't agree more ! Thank you, that means a lot to me :)