May 31, 2014

How To Stay Organized - Life of a Procrastinator .

Hi Beauts !

I have a confession to make, I'm a secret procrastinator, well it actually it is not a secret. I struggle getting things done when I am suppose to and never really want to do them. For the longest time I had the habit of putting things off for as long as I could, until I HAD to do it, like last minute had to. I got to the point where enough was enough and something had to change. I decided to become somewhat more organized and structured. This is what has worked for me and I hope it can help you !

1. Find what works for you .
We are all different, so what may work for me might not work for you. So whether it's to do lists, keeping an agenda, using an app in your phone or your computer, find which style you feel would best work for your type of personality. I personally use an agenda and post it's to make to do lists, so that I make sure I get things done.

2. Make a weekly and daily to do list.
Sundays are probably the perfect day for this, check your calendar for what you may have noted down for the up coming week and see if you have any appointments, dates, meetings, whatever it may that you have and base your weekly schedule around that. Make a list of everything that has to get done that week so that way your daily planning does not become annoying or won't put you in a bad mood. As for your daily planning, once you have woken up and you are ready to tackle the day, make a list of the tasks that must be done that day, whether it's top priority or not.

3. Tackle your top priorities first.
When you write out you daily to do list, write out your absolute must do's for the day first and do them. The more important ones might be the most dreaded but also will give you the greater amount of satisfaction. Rather than feeling all blah the entire day because you know you have stuff to do that you are not necessarily excited for, you can feel satisfied and confident because you actually pulled through and got the worst out of the way.

4. Make checking your agenda/calendar everyday a habit.
The more you attempt to try to stay organized, the easier it will come along for you. Try and make checking what ever form of organization you use daily base, this will help keep you organized but also help instill this habit in you, which means organization in the long run.

5. Make writing important dates and notes a must. 
I cannot tell you how many times people tell me the date of a birthday or a get together and I tell myself remember and off it goes to the land of the forgotten. It's a lot better if you jot it down somewhere where you will see it constantly, whether it's a reminder in your phone or a sticky notes on your mirror, get it somewhere besides your brain. Whenever I go to the grocery I have to make a list of what I need and might want because I can assure you that once I leave, there will be something that I needed an it will not be in my bags.

6. Set deadlines for yourself.
The thing about us procrastinators is that we wait for the very last minute to get things done, if not, everything would be great. Even with deadlines and constant reminders we just can't help putting things off. So how do you beat that ? Give yourself a deadline. Create one for yourself and stick to it as best as possible, this will give you time for other priorities but also if you might want to make some changes. Consider what it is your preparing for and based on that plan how soon you want it done, whether a week, 3 days, whatever works best for you, just make sure you get it done.

7. Be realistic.
So many times, the night before I plan to do so many things and I end up get half of them done. When you plan your to do list for the day, remember you are human. Try to be realistic when you are trying to get things done, don't give yourself twenty things to do in just one day and expect to do them all. Take other things into consideration and don't over do it, exhaustion is not good. The only terrible part of being human is that we can't split into ten versions of ourselves and get everything done all at once, it's a shame though. So be realistic and be nice to yourself, don't be that sucky person that wants to give you a million things to do and expects it done that same day. You are human and there are 365 days in a year, so chill out.

I'm not trying to tell you Beauts that these tips are a must and that everyone should follow these ideas, but I do definitely think they help. They have definitely helped me, sure I still fail every now and then but I try and it gets things done. I don't think it's hard to stay organized, I just think you have to really want it and live by a system that works for you. Once you have that down, nothing can get in your way. I hope this post helps you Beauts out in some way. I am planning on posting a lot more frequently than I have been lately, I know I have been lost. Thank you so much for reading !

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