June 30, 2014

My Summer Essentials !


Hi Beauts !

Summer is finally here ! Just saying that makes me so pumped and excited . I normally don't wear a lot of makeup during the summer because well for one, a good tan almost hides it all and gives you that amazing summer  glow and it's just so hot, the last thing you want to worry about is your make up. The reality about summer makeup is, you start your day with it but by the end of the day it's completely gone and that's not fun. Now when I do decided to apply any makeup I keep it very minimal and use products I know will stay on pretty much all day and also won't cake up when I sweat. So let's get to it !

Now this here is a sunscreen that is also tinted, so it helps protect your skin from the sun but helps even out the skin tone. Now you might be thinking " Why doesn't she just use a BB Cream ?", I went to the store set on a sunscreen because it was important to me to find a good sunscreen and one that I knew would work well with my skin. This product is not greasy or sticky like others, it's a mineral sunscreen so it actually feels nice on your skin. It has organic ingredients and does not contain any hash chemicals, which is always a plus for me.

I'm pretty sure I have mentioned this before but I love this mascara. I'm basically always debating between this mascara and Benefit's They're Real, which is another must have, but I chose this one because it is waterproof. Waterproof mascara during summertime is an absolutely must, it basically guarantees that you  won't have raccoon eyes midday, which is good. It's waterproof, doesn't flake and makes your lashes look amazing, so you are pretty much set

I love being outside and tanning during the summer time, but I also like to be careful with the amount of sun exposure my skin gets. In all honesty my skin barely tans, it gets some color but not much. I use bronzer to give my skin the appearance that it has more color than it actually does, because lets face it I'll probably never have gorgeous bronzed skin. I like this one because it's very natural looking and doesn't apply muddy or orange.

When you first look at this blush you think it might not be the greatest choice to wear during the day because it has tiny specks of glitter. I honestly thought that same way until I decided to play around with it. When you blend it in to your skin, it just gives you this amazing flushed glow. It compliments bronzed skin beautifully and just really helps you achieve that nice summer glow. Also, I have oily skin and because it has Amazonian Clay, it's the only blush that stays in place and doesn't melt off your face.

During summer I like very low maintenance makeup, that goes for my lips as well. I like products that I know I can just apply them and be on with whatever I am doing. These products are perfect for that because they aren't very heavy so they won't run off your lips and make you look like a clown. They are very easy and simple and the colors look great during summer.

This nail polish is absolutely perfect for summer and a must have for me. This nail polish looks amazing with cute sandals and a great tan. The bright coral compliments so many skin tones, so even if you don't like tanning this nail polish will look great on you.

This is probably an everyday essential for almost everyone and for me as well, but especially during summer. I like to use this to help give me more of that beautiful summer glow. I like applying this to the inner corner or my eyes, my eyelids and brow bone. It also stays on all day and doesn't crease.

These sheets are a must have summer essential for me, like I mentioned before I have very oily skin, so these are great to have. These sheets wipe off the oil from your skin but they don't wipe your makeup off or spread it around your face. They are great to have in your purse and leave your face feeling refreshed and clean.

These are my absolutely summer essentials and without it them, I would probably look a little funky. I hope these products help you find new things that might work on you or add to your summer essentials. I hope you Beauts have an awesome summer ! Thank you so much for reading !

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