April 11, 2014

What's In My Purse !

Hi Beauts !

I won't lie to you  and say I don't like these types of post, because I do. I love knowing what people hold in their purses and for some unknown reason, I find it fascinating. Whenever I read or watch any of these posts on YouTube, I feel like a little kid watching Mary Poppins go through her purse, somewhat weird ? Yeah. I think what we carry in our purse gives people a lot of insight to who we are. Now the contents in my purse are not exactly amazing or super interesting, just necessary, well for me anyways. So here we go !

Notepad- Random thoughts hit me at random times, so if a blog post idea hits me out of no where, I write it down.
Car Keys- Can't go out without them !
Forever Red Mini Perfume- Is it a crime to always want to smell good ?
Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion- I don't like having dry hands, at all.
Almay Liquid Lip Balm, Urban Decay Naked Lip Gloss, Maybelline Baby Lips- Who doesn't care this many lip products in their purse ?
Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets- Oily skin, it's a curse.
Coach Wristlet- Just like my keys, can't go anywhere without my wallet.
Inhaler- Yeah, asthma it's fun to have, if I don't have it, not a pretty sight....
Hair Tie- Just in case I feel the need to pick my hair up.
Colgate Wisp- I don't like having food stuck in between my teeth after a meal, so I like these mini toothbrushes.
Altoids- I'm paranoid of having bad breath, yeah.
Tissues- My allergies act up whenever they want to, so when they do, I need tissue.
Sunglasses- It's really sunny wear I live and I hate driving without them.
Smith's Rosebud Salve- I pick at my cuticles when I'm stressed or nervous, so I use this to moisturize them and to prevent myself from picking.
Tampon Case- It's only natural and yeah... always be prepared.
Flash Light- Just in case ? You never know.

So that's what I carry in my purse ! I hope you Beauts liked this and found it somewhat interesting...or maybe not. What is one thing that you have to have in your purse at all times ? Let me know ! Thank you for reading and take care Beauts !

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